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Thai Young Philanthropist Network

TYPN leads the change



Citizen sector as the key driver of sustainable development in Thailand



Create a vibrant citizen movement at the top of the pyramid in order to become a capacity builder of the citizen sector in Thailand



• To cultivate a culture of social responsibility and community leadership and establish a network of concerned citizens among young professionals in Thailand

• To utilize and/or mobilize our resources for social good

• To bridge the knowledge gap between the top and bottom of the pyramid

• To incubate the grass-root business and social entrepreneurs

• To design innovative social solutions in order to empower the citizen sector in Thailand



1. Core Team – a group of members who run the network, in charge of the activities, and work with us to maximize social impact

2. Member – determined professional who shares the same vision and participate in our activities

Focus & Priority


Short Term (3 years) – create the social involvement sentiment that leads to a vibrant citizen movement to the top of pyramid in Thailand in order to engage the future leaders to social service

Medium Term (5 years) – establish mechanism to mobilize resources from the top of pyramid to create a capacity building unit & social innovation design for the citizen sector in Thailand

Long Term – create a strong citizen sector to be the key driver of sustainable development in Thailand